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Fernando Stocco

Fernando is a third year medical student at University of São Paulo Medical School. Current director and volunteer Physics teacher at a social project called Curso Pré-Vestibular MedEnsina, aimed at teaching people who do not have enough money to pay for private education. Fernando has been working for three years at a research lab focused on finding new targets of oncogenic KRAS in non small cell lung cancer, mentored by Daniela Sanchez Bassères. President of the Rheumatic Fever League, a student ininiative, along with several doctors, that aims to help ambulatorial treatment of patients with mild and severe rheumatic carditis. At Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, Fernando will be working with Dr Richard Verrier, a lab focused on cardiac effects of air pollution and cardiac arrithmias.

Adler Melo

Student of the third year of the University of São Paulo Medical School. Has held leadership positions at several institutions from the Medical School, having acted at Student’s Union Oswaldo Cruz, Scientific Department, Junior Enterprise Med Jr., and Medical Academic Extension. Has also been director of diverse academic leagues, such as Rheumatic Fever Prevention, Surgical Technique and Experimental Surgery, Liver Transplant and Surgery leagues. Also acted as a voluntary math teacher at a NGO for vulnerable students. Is currently developing a project which attempts to predict factors associated with primary liver failure after transplantation. The project is being developed with MD Luciana Haddad and MD Igor Lepski, both members of the Liver Transplantation Service from the FMUSP Clinics Hospital. Is one of the creator of I Ernesto de Sousa Campos Prize, which plans to select the best Professors according to students and aims to valorize Professor who dedicate time to teaching activity and leave a priceless legacy for their students.

Guilherme Perez

Third-year medical student at University of São Paulo, engaged and enthusiastic of academic activities which allow students to develop an entrepreneurship spirit, having played leading role in many of them. President of Clinical Anatomy League during 2015, having given lectures during the League’s introductory course in 2014 and also during the Anatomy Workshop of the 33rd (2014) and 34th (2015) Universitary Medical Congress of University of São Paulo Medical School. (XXXIII COMU-FMUSP). Director of the League of Surgical Technique and Experimental Surgery during 2015 (LTCCE-FMUSP). Director of Rheumatic Heart Disease League during 2015 (LCFR), focused on Marketing, also working as leading promoter and organizer of the 17th Edition of the LCFR’s annual Electrocardiography Course. Director of the voluntary project Academic Medical Extension (EMA-FMUSP) during 2014 and active member during 2015. Marketing director of the 2nd National Congress of the Brazilian Association of Surgical Academic Leagues. (ABLAC). Scientific initiation project by the Anesthesiology discipline, focusing on cardiopulmonary arrest and neurological prognosis. Participated as surgical assistant in liver transplatation and ischemia-reperfusion projects by Medical Investigation Laboratory 30 (Pediatric Surgery) at FMUSP. Worked as mentor student by the undergraduate subject of General and Musculoskeletal Anatomy during the first semester of 2014. Former member (2014) of Informatics section of the FMUSP Scientific Department (DCFMUSP) and at the 33rd (2014) Universitary Medical Congress of University of São Paulo Medical School. (XXXIII COMU-FMUSP). Former member (2013) of Cardiothoracic Surgery League. Former member (2013) of Trauma Surgery League. Former Voluntary member (2013) of MedEnsina (benficent course to aid the preparation process to admission exams of Brazilian universities), helping to solve doubts of the students and giving eventual Physics classes. Actually very interested in research of the cardiopulmonary system and Cardiology themes.

Tiago Hummel

Student of the third year of the the University of São Paulo Medical School. Former student of Cinema and Audiovisual at the same University. Current vice-president of the social project Curso Pré-Vestibular MedEnsina. Volunteer teacher of high-school chemistry with experience in several beneficent institutions. Currently working on a research project in endocrinology, studying the role of the gene MKRN3 in the genesis of central precocious puberty, oriented by doctor Ana Claudia Latronico. Former member of the academic leagues of Palliative Care, Prevention and Treatment in the Infeccion by HIV/Aids and Childcare of the University of São Paulo Medical School. Selected to work in the professor Quan Lu’s laboratory.

Mateus Claro

Mateus is a third year medical student at University of São Paulo Medical School who has been investigating the redox biochemistry of vascular homeostasis since his freshman year, under guidance of Dr. Francisco RM Laurindo. For his findings, Mateus was the recipient the Young Investigator award at Brazil’s main experimental biology conference, FeSBE. Besides having been teacher’s assistant at the course of Biochemistry (for medical students), he is currently a volunteer Biology teacher and tests director at a social project called Curso Pré-Vestibular MedEnsina, whose aim is to provide quality higher education access to those unable to finance private preparatory courses. At Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, Mateus will be working in Professor Jeffery J Fredberg’s laboratory, investigating cytoskeleton mechanobology.

Lucas D’Andrea

Student of the third year of the Faculty of Medicine of University of São Paulo. Former student of Electrical engineering from 2010 to 2012. Currently researching salt overload effects on renal morphology as an alumni of scientific initiation of Silvia Lacchini’s laboratory. Current treasurer of the social project called Curso Pré-Vestibular Med Ensina. Volunteer biology teacher at the same social project. Discent representant of the department of Pathology of the Faculty of Medicine of University of São Paulo. Director of the League of Pathology at the same university. Member of the league of clinical anatomy. Former member of the league of thyroid.  Selected to work with professor Joseph Brain at HSPH.

Caio Pereira

Caio is a third year student of Medical School current enrolled in the FMUSP (Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo) program. He is 21 years old, borned and raised in the city of Presidente Prudente. Among his many years in college he has taken part in many curricular and extra-curricular targeting to become a better student and individual. Currently he develops research on LIM17 under the tutelage of Walcy Teodoro researching the collagen expression pattern and turnover in the TPTT(Tendinopathy of the Posterior Tibial Tendon). With his work he was able to be part in congresses and to be a PIBIC student. Also, he is a member of many academic leagues such as: Coronary Artery Disease, Childhood Obesity Clinical Emergencies and the Oncology League. Interested on those activities he became a director on the Oncology League. He also took part on MedEnsina as a problem solver and on AAAOC as a member and director of the soccer team.

Clara Gomes

Clara  is a third year Medicine student of  the University of São Paulo’s Medical School. In the research field, the student is developing, oriented by the Professor and Doctor Eduardo Mekitarian Filho, a clinical study that intends to correlate clinical, laboratory, radiologic and anathomopathologic aspects of the child with acute appendicites. Clara also takes part of the Clinical Oncology League in the Oncology Institute of São Paulo (ICESP) and of the Pediatric Oncology League in the Child Cancer Institute of São Paulo (Itaci). In adittion, the student is an academic directress of Bandeira Científica Project, wich is a volunteer program made by students of University of São Paulo that offers medical assistence for vunerable cities of Brazil.

Ederson Evaristo

Ederson is currently on his third year of Medical School, at São Paulo University..  He is president of Dyslipidemia League at the Heart Institute( InCor). He is one of the pearsons who created  the Medical Sexology League of FMUSP. In addition, he is one of the directors of the Rheumatic Fever League . In 2014 he was the vice president of Casa do Estudante de Medicina (a house lodging 54 medical students, provided by FMUSP), and for 2 months he was the financial director. His research is in cardiac regeneration in the Laboratory of Genetics and Molecular Cardiology at the Heart Institute (InCor), under the supervision of Jose Krieger.

Klára Kapronezai

Klára Kapronezai is currently a student in the third year of University of Sâo Paulo’s Medical School, and works in a Research project on Non-Alcoholic Steatotic Hepatitis findings in ultrassound and altered hepatic enzymes. She is also the President of Obesity and Metabolic Surgery League and Sleep Medicine League, and one of the directors of “Revista de Medicina”, the Medical Journal edited by the Faculty undergraduates. Klára has participated in the organization of three editions of the University Academic Medical Congress as well as in the organization of the Oswaldo Cruz Academic Center Art Exposition first and second editions. During her first year, learned cell cultivation basic techniques and has been participating, since her second year, of the Academic Medical Extension –  a project which provides medical assistance to low income areas of São Paulo.

Pedro Santana

Student of the third year of the University of São Paulo Medical School. Current students represent in the Infectious Diseases Department. Former general secretary of “LEAMESP”, organization responsible for making two of largest sports competitions between medical students in Latin America (“intermed” and “pre-intermed”). Currently working on a research project in travel medicine, developing a profile of immunosuppressed travelers who seek the travel medicine clinic in the HCFMUSP, oriented by doctor Martha Lopes. Former member of the academic league of Sports Medicine. Member of the university’s track and field team. Member of Sahaja Yoga meditation group, actively promoting public events to teach meditation. Has participated as a delegate in two consecutive United Nations World Health Organization simulation programs in high school.

Gabriella De Marco

Gabriella De Marco is currently enrolled in the 4th year of medical school in the University of São Paulo medical school. She is member in a research project concerning possible relation between oxidative stress and inflammation markers and also Monitor in the Discipline of Gynecology. She was second vice-president of the Students’ Union in her second year, during which she was also the Editor of the Students’ Newspaper and students’ representative in the Congregation and Graduation Commission. She also held a position of leadership during the Curricular Review process that took place in USP Faculty of Medicine. In that same year, she received a grant from the Brazilian Ministry of Health to study the public health system with emphasis in primary care and develop a report about it. In 2014, she was Coordinator in a social project called MedEnsina, where she has also been a teacher since 2013. Apart from those activities, she has also been a member of the students’ drama club (2012-2014) and has participated in academic leagues (projects meant to attend to people in need) in the areas of Otorhinolaryngology (of which she was also coordinator), Pre-Natal Care and Acupuncture.

Naira Link

Naira Link is currently a student in the third year of University of Sâo Paulo’s Medical School, and former student of Technician Course of Informatics at Estadual University of São Paulo (UNESP). Current president of the “Departamento Científico”, an institution that is responsible for assisting students in extracurricular activities (such as leagues and research), publishing the “Revista de Medicina”, the Medical Journal edited by the Faculty undergraduates and organizing the “Congresso Médico Universitário” (COMU), a Medical congress organized by students. In fact, she was a member of the COMU staff during three editions – this year, she was the president of Scientific Prizes of the XXXIV COMU. During her first year, she got the first prize at “Olimpíadas USP do Comhecimento”, a contest for students of the University. Member since 2013 and former director of the Academic Medical Extension –  a project which provides medical assistance to low income areas of São Paulo. She has participated in some leagues, such as hypertension, pathology, neurosurgery and current director of Trauma Surgery League. Finally, works in a Research project on Gilbert’s Syndrome, a genetic deficiency of an enzyme at liver that causes a mild jaundice that gets worse when the body is under stress. This Syndrome could be associate with some kinds of cancers.

Diego Pestana

Diego is currently a third year student of Medical School at University of São Paulo. His main line of research is epithelial injuries of vascular bed due to arterial hypertension. He has been trained in histological techniques  and tissue preparation procedures. Also he is president of the Athletics, used to lead with organization of big events and has a huge background at teamwork and leadership. In 2015 was elected a Representant of Students at the Medical School Congregation.

Gabriela Amaral

Gabriela Amaral is a 20 year old student from FMUSP. She is very interested in sports and volunteer work. Since the begining of her Medical course, she joins the  track and field team and is now director of a universitary project that provides medical care to vulnerable population in countryside of Brazil. In addition, she has joined a two month expedition in India, teaching English to women and children that had never the oportunity of going to school. Currently she works on her Scientific Initiation program, where she studies microRNA relative expression in Prostate Cancer, aiming to verify if there are specific micro RNAs involved in a bad evolution of the disease. She is very excited to work in Center for Interdisciplianry Cadiovascular Sciences with Professor Aikawa Masaroni and his team. She believes this exchange will possibilite her to bring knowledge, perspectives and ideas to her reality, based on the experiences she is going to have there. She aims to contribute to a qualified research both in Harvard and Brazil.

Erikson Hoff

Erikson is currently on his fourth year of Medical School, at São Paulo University. Throughout last year he joined a research group in the field of oncology. His work was related to the isolation of circulating tumor cells in the blood of patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma, comparing their count, and immunocytochemistry characterization with the evolution of the disease/response to treatment through imaging. He is a medalist athlete of the university track team and also a member and ex-director of the students theatre group. Former member of the academic leagues of Clinical Oncology, Urology and Ophthalmology.

Tomás Minelli

Tomás Minelli is a student of the fourth year of USP’s Medical School. In the year of 2015 he was a director of the Academic League of Blindness Prevention and researched on the area of urology.